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Wine Tours

Within Italy, Tuscany is one of the most known Regions in the production of both olive oil and wine of great variety and quality. Its geographical position with the Tyrrhenian sea on the west side, the Appennine mountain range on the east and the hilly formation are the ideal conditions to obtain an excellent product.

Specifically Tuscany has developed quite a few area of production protected by the "DOGC" appellation thanks to which the name on the product alone is a guarantee of quality. Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Nobile di Montepulciano and so on. Only within this areas such wines can be produced and labeled.

We, at Tours in Tuscany, have designed tours for wine lovers that are focused in each of these areas. These excursions are conceived so that our clientele will also enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the presence of castles, abbey, fortresses and last but not the least, savor the amazing Tuscan culinary specialties.

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Chianti wine tour

This Tour will take you to visit the area that lies between the provinces of Florence and Siena known for the beautiful valleys, castles and medieval villages encircled by walls located on a hilltop.

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Montalcino wine tour

This tour will take you to visit the area that lies 30 minutes south of Siena. Ther gentle rolling hills of this part of Tuscany are so unique that will remain in your memory for a lifetime.

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Montepulciano wine tour

Located in the renown Val d'Orcia and pearched on the hill at an elevation of 605 mt. about 2,000 ft. offering marvelous views, Montepulciano will be on our itinerary today for a leisure stroll of the town and some shopping of local products.

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Bolgheri wine tour

This area is located right along the coast south of Livorno. Protected by a pinewood forest from the saltiness of the sea, the vineyards are settled in a superb microdimate. Bolgheri is the land where some of the most exclusive wines are produced, the home of some very smooth Supertuscan blands.